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Several other voluntary organisations run volunteer opportunities in our hospital…

Breastfeeding Network
Breastfeeding volunteers can be found on our Maternity wards to help mums before and after they have had their baby.
To find out more, visit the Breastfeeding Network website.

Red Cross
The Red Cross team work in our Emergency Department to support patients and their families and friends.
To find out more, visit the Red Cross website.

Royal Voluntary Service
The RVS runs a tea bar in our cancer centre. To find out more, call the tea bar team direct on 01473 707321.

Robin volunteers for the Red Cross in our Emergency Department. He is part of a team who help patients and their visitors.

Robin is usually found making tea and bringing refreshments – biscuits and sandwiches – to people who find themselves in the department.

He is also there to help patients who feel alone by keeping them company, and he provides vital support to families in distress.