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Our Hospital Awards
Do you know a member of staff or volunteer who deserves an award for their work? Nominate them for our hospital’s very own Oscars here.
What’s the fuss about Schwartz Rounds?
Colleagues are sharing difficult patient experience stories with each other as we introduce Schwartz rounds for the first time. These are confidential meetings where feelings and emotions are shared. They are well established in America and are now being introduced across hospitals in the UK. Volunteers are welcome – ask a member of staff for details.
Upcoming Events
Please keep an eye on this section of the website for details of the Conference, Christmas Celebrations or special events.
Expenses Information
All volunteers at Ipswich Hospital are eligible to claim expenses for their journeys to and from Ipswich Hospital.

Mileage in a car is reimbursed at the public transport rate which is set and adjusted nationally, or we will reimburse your public transport costs (unfortunately we cannot reimburse taxi fares). Please note, we will reimburse you up to a maximum of 30 miles per return journey.

If you are already a volunteer here, please use this form to claim expenses. If it is your first time claiming expenses, you will also need to complete a bank details form. Please contact the Voluntary Services Office by email to volunteers@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk or by phone to 01473 704473 for a copy of the form.