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Cancer Information Centre

Volunteers help to run the Cancer Information Centre which provides support to those affected by cancer.

Volunteers chat to patients and their families, make drinks, assist with administration tasks and ensure the Centre is well stocked with information leaflets.

Qualities you’ll need:

  • the confidence to talk to new people;
  • good listening skills; and
  • the ability to work as part of a team.

Click here to view roles we are currently recruiting to for further information on specific Cancer Information Centre roles.

Diana Bouscarle is one of the volunteers in our Cancer Information Centre.
Nurse specialist Louise Smith said: “We offer people time, support and the best quality of life possible. We help people living with cancer get their lives back on track and are always here if we are needed. “When someone comes in we do a holistic assessment and focus on the person rather than the disease. Can they pay their bills, go to work, communicate with their family and children, what are their issues and concerns? For us it’s about focussing on them and their family rather than cancer. We help them get through their treatment and put them and their carers in touch with other like-minded people who understand what they are going through.”