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Which Student Doctors Come to Ipswich for Training?


Year 4: Fourth year student doctors who have completed their BA hons and are in their first of three clinical years. This will be their first exposure on the wards and to hands-on clinical medicine and will be on a medicine and surgical placement for five weeks in a regional hospital. Timetabled clinical learning and clinical teaching.
Year 5: Fifth year student doctors on a regional Maternal Health six-week placement spending 2½ weeks in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and 3½ weeks in Paediatrics.
Year 6 / Stage 3: Sixth year and final year student doctors on placement in Acute Care (ITU/Anaesthetics & Emergency Medicine), Surgery and Medicine. A self-directed FY1 shadowing placement for nine weeks, gaining experience in Ophthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, Palliative Care and Radiology.


Module 6: Third year MBBS student doctors on a joint Nephrology/Urology regional placement.  2 x 2 groups of five student doctors for three rotations a year (Nov/Dec, Feb/Mar, Jun/Jul).
Module 7: Third year MBBS student doctors on a Neurology regional placement. Come at the same time as module 6.  2 x 2 groups of five student doctors for three rotations a year (Nov/Dec, Feb/Mar, Jun/Jul).
Module 9: Fourth year MBBS student doctors in Obs/Gynae (Reproduction). 20 student doctors twice a year for four weeks.
Module 11: This module is organised by the Norfolk and Suffolk NSH Foundation Trust, but based in the Woodlands Centre at Ipswich Hospital. Contact for any matters regarding this placement should be made to: Harry.Barnett Hall, med.placements@uea.ac.uk, UEA Norwich Medical School.
Module 15: Student doctors who have passed their finals exam enjoying a six-week self-directed shadowing placement gaining valuable exposure to life as an FY1 or exploring areas of particular interest.


Electives: Usually fourth year MD student doctors on self-directed electives gaining extensive experience in sub-specialties. Regional elective placements can be anything from four weeks to 32 weeks in different disciplines.

Requests for non-affiliated electives

We have an affiliation with three universities, two in the UK and one in the West Indies, to take their medical students on placements of varying lengths and stages of their training. This is an official agreement signed between the Hospital and the universities. For this, we receive funding in order that we can provide their curriculum requirements, organisation of placements, teaching, clinical skills training, etc. However, no such funding follows work experience or elective placements so the onus is on individual consultants to take responsibility and supervise any work experience placements. Also, there is no central area to assist with the administration and organisation of such placements. So, for these reasons, we have had to limit elective placements to UK medical schools only. However, it should be noted that, depending on the time of year, some specialties are committed to our existing contracted medical student arrangements so would not be able to accommodate any elective medical students.