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Team Ipswich Awards 2018

The categories are...

Living the Values Colleague
This is an award to find the colleague who every day demonstrates the high standards summed up in our values which are:
Anyone using our services can expect:

  • a cheerful, friendly welcome;
  • kind people who care for you;
  • to be fully involved;
  • to feel reassured and safe;
  • an organised and efficient service; and
  • a skilled team that’s always improving.

This award is for someone who works in any role throughout the Trust.

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Leader of the Year
You do not have to be a manager to be a leader. This award is for someone who is a natural leader who inspires others and is a passionate advocate of great care for patients.

  • Do they empower others to do a great job?
  • Do they motivate those around them, even at challenging times?
  • Are they an inspiring role model?
  • Are they professional, compassionate and respectful of all?

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Supporter of the Year
Life is made so much better for patients and staff by our volunteers, fundraisers, helpers and other supporters. This award seeks to recognise those who make an exceptional contribution, or have shown unrivalled dedicated commitment.

  • How is the Trust a better place because of them?
  • Do they work in effective partnership with colleagues?
  • Do they support the values of respect, kindness, professionalism, improving together, listening and involving, and efficiency?
  • How is their support exceptional?

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Trainee of the Year
Sponsored by Medical Staff Committee.
This award will recognise an exceptional trainee. Nominations are welcome for any trainee in any role.

  • Is this person a star of the future with a bright NHS career ahead of them, why?
  • Are they always looking to learn and improve?
  • Do they demonstrate willingness to be a team player?
  • Does their belief in excellent patient care shine through?

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Team of the Year
This award recognises an outstanding team which really makes a difference to NHS life –
do you know or work with them?

  • Do all members function as a truly cohesive team?
  • Do they have complementary skills and abilities?
  • Are they open, communicative and helpful?
  • Do they consistently supply an excellent service to patients/carers/staff?

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Working Together Colleague 
Health and social care systems are taking steps towards integrating and we want staff to work collaboratively and share good practice. This award is for a colleague who has worked across the boundaries.

  • Have they championed partnership work with Colchester hospital?
  • Have they embraced the opportunity to work across Ipswich Hospital and our community hospitals and services?
  • Are they part of a national or regional health or professional network and have flown the Ipswich flag?
  • Have they openly shared good practice developed here with others?

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