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Leaving hospital after a stroke

Upon leaving hospital you should receive a joint care plan outlining any outstanding goals and therapy input.

You will also receive a detailed summary of your stay in hospital, sometimes referred to as a discharge summary. A copy of this is electronically sent to your GP.

Included in this is an up-to-date list of medications you have been advised to continue on as well as highlighting any changes to the medication you were taking when you were first admitted.

It will outline the follow-up you will receive. Typically you can expect to see the team again at six weeks and at six months.


  • 6-week follow-up: The focus is on review of any outstanding investigations and their bearing on your recovery as well as trying to prevent another stroke. This is a doctor-led clinic.
  • 6-month follow-up: The focus is on stroke prevention and developing a health management plan. This is a nurse-led clinic.

If you cannot make an appointment, please reschedule or inform us of why you cannot or do not wish to attend.