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Welcome to Stroke Services

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Our stroke unit provides hyper-acute stroke care. This involves intensive nursing, medical and therapy input in the first 24 to 72 hours following stroke onset.

We aim to treat the stroke and reduce any further damage whilst trying to find out why the stroke occurred. Treatment usually takes place in one of our four-bedded, hyper-acute units. 

Patients who need ongoing inpatient care are transferred to our other stroke beds which are in single-sex bays on Shotley and Sproughton wards.

What will happen at the Acute Stroke Unit?

The stroke team will assess your needs and plan treatment to lower the risk of another stroke and help start your stroke recovery and rehabilitation.

How long will I stay on the Acute Stroke Unit?

Length of stay varies from patient to patient, ranging from one day to months. We like to discuss the discharge plans once patients are achieving their agreed goals and are near to returning home safely. We will discuss with you and your family what will happen when you leave the unit. Some patients may be able to return home directly, however, others may require a period of rehabilitation in a setting nearer their home.

On occasion home may not be the most suitable place to go to after your hospital stay, in which case we will organize a case conference inviting you, your relatives and the key professionals involved in your care to discuss future plans.