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The Stour Centre is run by a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

Anders Linder

Mr Anders Linder
Consultant gynaecological oncologist

Telephone: 01473 703089

Barnaby Rufford Mr Barnaby Rufford
Lead clinician
Consultant gynaecological surgeon

Telephone: 01473 703642 or 01473 703011

Dr Jamie Morgan

Dr Jamie Morgan
Consultant clinical oncologist

Telephone: 01473 704910

Dr Steven Garber

Dr S Garber
Consultant radiologist

Telephone: 01473 703381

Dr Jason Wong

Dr Jason Wong
Consultant histopathologist

Telephone: 01473 703731

Nurse specialist Alison Garnham

Alison Garnham
Nurse specialist

Telephone: 01473 703020

Nurse specialist Hazel Adams

Hazel Adams
Nurse specialist

Telephone: 01473 703089

Kerry Boxhall
Oncology nurse specialist

Telephone: 01473 704037

Amanda Ford
Macmillan information and support radiographer

Telephone: 01473 704361

Hannah English
Ward sister

Telephone: 01473 703087

Glenys Pratt

Telephone: 01473 703011

Deborah Woods
Patient Pathway coordinator

Telephone: 01473 704146

Steve Bociek
Data assistant

Telephone: 01473 704146