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Wearing a Spinal Brace

When the choice of treatment is for you to wear a brace, it is to ensure the vertebrae (bones) in your spine have time to heal and to avoid them collapsing. It will also help to reduce pain. The expected time you need to wear the brace is dependent on many factors, but is likely to be for at least three months. This may be longer depending on your imaging results and your discomfort.

In the beginning you will need to wear the brace at all times except at night. We encourage you to walk as much as pain allows. You will also be given some very simple exercises from your physiotherapist to ensure that you still activate the muscles. This is to avoid your muscles getting too weak while in the brace. The brace is fitted in the spinal outpatient department. It will be explained to you how to put it on, take it off and how to look after the brace.

When your doctors can see that your bones are getting more stable, you can start to reduce how much you wear the brace.

Depending on how long you have worn the brace for, you may need an exercise programme to strengthen up again, which your physiotherapist will help you with.