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Spinal Unit

The Ipswich Spinal Unit provides expertise in specialist and non-specialist spinal conditions for patients across Suffolk and Essex. The Unit assesses and treats all adult spinal conditions including:

  • disc prolapse;
  • spinal stenosis;
  • back pain;
  • adult spinal deformity;
  • spinal trauma and infection; and
  • spinal tumours.

Our spinal pathways have been set up across Suffolk and North Essex. These involve an MDT approach involving many healthcare professionals. This involves assessment and treatment by extended-scope physiotherapists, spinal surgeons, pain specialists and radiologists.

The Unit is committed to offering a high level of service to ensure patients are seen and treated by the appropriate healthcare professional in a timely manner. This involves using evidence-based non-operative and operative procedures.

The Ipswich Hospital Spinal Unit is committed to ongoing research. As a spinal unit we are also involved in regular teaching and training meetings.