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Spinal Myeloma Service

Myeloma patients with spinal implications have been treated for many years at Ipswich Hospital.

The haematologists and spinal surgeons work closely together to ensure patients receive the most effective and appropriate care.

The information is here as a guide for patients and professionals with links to relevant information.

We explain the type of treatment you may get if your spine is affected by myeloma and how we will follow-up on your treatment to ensure you get back to your normal activities.

When you are first referred to Ipswich Hospital you will be seen in the outpatient clinic by the haematologist. A full assessment will be undertaken. The appropriate investigations will be arranged. If during this time it is felt that the spine may be involved, appropriate tests will be arranged (such as X-rays, CT scan, MRI scan).

If appropriate you will then be seen either in the joint haematology / spinal clinic or the spinal outpatient department.

A treatment plan will be made in regards to your spinal problems in conjunction with you. This will either be for you to wear a brace until your bones have healed naturally or it may involve a relatively small operation, called cement augmentation (vertebroplasty / kyphoplasty).

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