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Hepatitis B Vaccine Restrictions

There is currently a global shortage of Hepatitis B vaccine which has had a severe impact on our supplies. In line with the recommendation from Public Health England we are therefore unable to provide the vaccine pre-exposure.

This decision will help preserve the stock that is available in the UK for high risk situations. Anyone who has commenced or requires a pre exposure course of Hepatitis B will have their course on ‘hold’, and as soon as the supply constraints have eased we will be contacting individuals to resume or start their course of vaccination.

It is likely that there will be supplied problems until next year however the situation is ‘fluid’.

Additional information and the guidance for this decision can be found at


We will be able to continue to risk assess and provide advice and support for any post exposure situations.

Our other immunisation services are unaffected, and anyone with an appointment booked should attend as planned, unless we have contacted you or your manager.

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