Welcome to Ipswich Hospital
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The Centre

The Centre is divided up into four main areas:

Large Lecture Room
Capable to support 30 in lecture style seating.
AV equipment to allow lecture, with full access to the internet for facilitators.
Use of instant playback facilities for debriefing.

Small Lecture Room
Capable to support 15 in lecture-style seating.
Full AV recording, instant playback and debriefing facilities.
Is able to be adapted to home environment, outpatient and GP consulting rooms etc.

Clinical Theatre
Can be adapted to any clinical environment.
Large enough to accommodate two simultaneous simulations.
Clinical equipment is available for all simulations required.
Fully functioning oxygen and suction.
Full AV recording equipment, with discreet walkie-talkie communication with 'plant'.

Control Room
The hub of it all!