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Welcome to the EAST Centre Simulation Suite

East Anglian Simulation and Training Centre – Improving Patient Care in a Safe Environment

The EAST Centre simulation suite set up for  operating theatre scenario training.

Supported by a Grant from the Dinwoodie (1968) Settlement and financial commitment matched by The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, this dedicated centre was opened in April 2014 by Sir Bruce Keogh. We provide multidisciplinary healthcare education using high-fidelity patient manikins.

We provide simulation training in two areas – in the centre, or in the clinical area. By taking the simulation equipment to the clinical area, the staff are able practice looking after ‘patients’ in their own environment.

The manikins can breathe, have a conversation with you, blink, have full heart, lung and bowel sounds, palpable pulses and can have a manual blood pressure recording completed. As well as palpable qualities, a fully integrated monitoring system is set up to match what would be available in the delegate’s normal working environment. Fluids and drugs can be administered intravenously to the manikin. The manikins are able to be programmed to represent any medical condition and conditions can be adapted in response to how the patient is managed.

The centre has state of the art audio and visual recording systems, allowing instant feedback capabilities. The use of debriefing and teaching after the scenario in conjunction with watching the scenario playback enhances delegates learning experience greatly.

We work closely with the undergraduate and postgraduate medical schools within The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust and have a committed simulation faculty including doctors, nurses and ODPs from the Emergency Department, Anaesthetics, Intensive Care, Paediatrics, Surgery and Medicine.

We have a dedicate full time simulation training facilitator with a background in Emergency Department senior nursing and education and Critical Care Outreach. We also have two Simulation Fellow posts attached to the Centre: a rotational post supported by the Anaesthetics Department and a part time Fellow position supported by the Emergency Department.

Although we only opened in April 2014, by August of the same year, we have had 400+ people through the training. Alphabetically our candidates are currently as follows: anaesthetic staff, chaplains, Combat Army Medics, Critical Care Outreach, doctors, ENPs, first aiders, healthcare assistants, Haematology staff, medical students [stage 1 and 3], Midwifery staff, nurses, ODPs, paediatricians, and physiotherapists.

Our commitment is to improving patient care by allowing individual staff and multidisciplinary teams to practice in this safe learning environment and we are taking great steps in this direction.