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Clinic Appointments and Accessing Our Services

We receive referrals from other clinicians within Ipswich Hospital as well as local GPs. Referrals can be either by paper referral letter or via the Chose and Book system. Cases of suspected lung cancer will be seen within two weeks of being referred.

When we receive a request to see a patient, we decide which investigations and tests are going to be needed and then try to organise for these tests performed on the same day as, or before, their clinic appointment. As a result when we see patients we have as much information to hand as possible, which allows us to make treatment plans much faster.

This means that on the day of your clinic appointment you may have a longer attendance at the hospital than that for a clinic appointment alone and may not be seen by the doctor exactly when their appointment is scheduled. Our patients tell us that this is preferable to multiple attendances to the hospital to have tests on different days.

If you receive two letters to attend on different days please check carefully as both appointments may be needed – for example, lung function testing at one time and clinic at another. If in doubt, please contact the department on 01473 703240 or attend both appointments so you do not miss important tests.

Please bring any inhalers that you are taking as well as a list of the medications you are on.