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HRA Approval: The new research application process
01 April 2016

HRA Approval is now the process for applying for approvals for all research projects in the NHS led from England.

Researchers still need to work with the  Research and Development Office to set up all studies. In many respects this is a case of new systems and some new processes but very much business as usual!

HRA Approval covers both HRA Assessment and NHS REC review (where REC review is required), removing the need for separate REC and R&D application forms. If you have already started preparing applications in IRAS but not yet submitted, you can easily convert your separate forms to a combined IRAS form. Check the guidance in IRAS for details.

Any studies led from Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales continue to apply using the existing systems in each nation. If there are English sites in the study, the national R&D coordinating function of the lead nation will share information with the HRA Assessment team, who can issue HRA Approval for English sites and thereby retain existing compatibility arrangements. The ethical review of all studies will continue to be undertaken in accordance with the UK Standard Operating procedures.

The old CSP system has closed. For studies that were being set up with CSP, please contact the Research and Development Office.

Further information can be found on the HRA website - including Frequently Asked Questions.

Any questions relating to local implementation should be emailed to research.office@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk or telephone 01473 704343.