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Children's Research Studies

>> More information about the children's diabetes research studies Ipswich Hospital is involved with.

ARCHIE (The early use of Antibiotics in At Risk Children with InfluEnza)
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Flu is a viral infection which usually causes mild symptoms like cough and fever. Children with underlying conditions who develop flu, are at greater ‘at risk’ of becoming unwell from further infections than otherwise healthy children.
The ARCHIE study will help us find out whether giving ‘at risk’ children antibiotics within the first 5 days of developing flu like symptoms will reduce the chances of them becoming more unwell or developing further infections. The ARCHIE study will also help us find out which children are most likely to benefit from antibiotics. We have started recruiting again for the 2017 to 2018 flu season.

BOSS study logoBOSS
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The British Orthopaedic Surgery Surveillance Study is a nationwide reporting system to determine the occurrence and outcomes in rare bone (orthopaedic) diseases. These are a condition called Perthes causes problems in the hip joint and a condition called a slipped Epiphysis which is the growing end part of the leg bone. The data collected will give a greater understanding of the treatment of these rare conditions and which method works best.

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PREDNOS 2 is a national multicentre trial of short course daily prednisolone (steroid) therapy at the time of upper respiratory tract infection in children with relapsing steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome (SSNS).

BCRD (Biologics for Children with Rheumatic Diseases)
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We follow children recruited at other sites when they return to our care (completes the study data collection). We will shortly be recruiting 16 and 17 year olds with Juvenile Arthritis that are started on a biologic medicine at Ipswich.

This study, run by Imperial College, is looking at possible genetic predisposition to Kawasaki Disease. We are looking to recruit children diagnosed with this condition whilst under our care.
>> Further details of this condition.

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A study looking into a new treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in young children. Following trauma, either being involved in or witnessing a frightening event, some people develop the condition PTSD. The researchers are assessing children who are having difficulties following a frightening event and testing a new type of therapy to reduce children’s symptoms of PTSD.

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This study will investigate early feeding in babies and children with Down's Syndrome (DS). New parents will be asked to complete a questionnaire about their child's feeding and health as a young baby and at six and twelve months. We will also ask about the child's health yearly after this until the age of 5 years old. This site may be asked to help complete some of the data collection.

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A multi-centre trial of lactoferrin supplementation to prevent late-onset invasive infection in very preterm infants. We are a continuing care site so will follow-up recruited babies returned to Ipswich for care.