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More information about some of the Children's Diabetes Research Studies

Here are a selection of some of the studies we are currently running, please enquire if you think there is a study not listed that your child might like to take part in.

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Edition Junior
Background insulin study for 6 to 17 year olds with Type 1 Diabetes. We are the lead site for the UK with Dr Rayman as the Chief Investigator. We have successfully recruited over our target and have three young people on the study.

AdDIT study
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The study has finished in every country and here is the newsletter. Many thanks to all that took part and that have joined the AdDIT Follow Up study that will collect data until 2020.”

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We are recruiting children (over 5 years) and adults diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the last 6 months to the ADDRESS 2 study. The After Diagnosis Diabetes REsearch Support System aims to provide researchers with a resource of people that can be approached for cutting edge research. There are new studies that require early recruitment / treatment so to make this possible the people that have joined ADDRESS 2 would be approached directly. If you are interested please contact one of the Research team for further information.

SCIPI study
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All site in the UK have completed recruitment and data queries. We await the results in 2017.



ARCHIE (The early use of Antibiotics in At Risk Children with InfluEnza)
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Flu is a viral infection which usually causes mild symptoms like cough and fever. Children with underlying conditions who develop flu, are at greater ‘at risk’ of becoming unwell from further infections than otherwise healthy children.
The ARCHIE study will help us find out whether giving ‘at risk’ children antibiotics within the first 5 days of developing flu will reduce the chances of them becoming more unwell or developing further infections. The ARCHIE study will also help us find out which children are most likely to benefit from antibiotics.We will be recruiting once the flu season starts again in October 2017, however, please do contact us before then to get further information and register your interest.

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TrialNet is an international network of sites throughout the United States, Canada, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. This network is dedicated to the study, prevention, and early treatment of type 1 diabetes. The nearest centres running this study are Addenbrookes Hospital and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Click here for contact details.