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Radiographer demonstrating the use of VERT
How VERT is Helping to Make a Difference!
11 September 2012

It looks just like a screen in your local multiplex cinema. But this technology in Ipswich Hospital’s radiotherapy department is actually a virtual treatment machine.

VERT – virtual environment radiotherapy training – and the innovative way it’s being used is winning the hospital national acclaim. The machine demonstrates how radiotherapy is delivered on a 3D screen and, just like at the cinema, users wear special glasses to bring the images to life.

Therapy radiographer Dean Garnham said: “The National Cancer Action Team gave us the equipment 18 months ago and asked us ‘How can VERT be used to advance clinical practice?’ “Although the equipment is widely available across the UK, it wasn’t being used to its full potential.”

Early last year the team introduced monthly drop-in sessions for patients and relatives. As well as a VERT demonstration, experts are on hand to answer questions and to help patients find out exactly what to expect from the treatment.

 More than 100 schoolchildren have also had the chance to see VERT in action and find out about careers in radiotherapy.

 For further information on VERT events please contact louisa.alder@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk

(Story courtesy of the Evening Star, 9 July 2012)