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Recent Patient Comments and Compliments

Below are a few of the comments and compliments we have received from our patients either via email, letters, or comment cards! These are edited to the last few years, but a copy of all published comments are available on request!

Car parking was highlighted as a problem by some patients in our last major survey and as a result we have introduced dedicated car parking spaces for the exclusive use of patients who are having treatment for cancer. These are located opposite the Hunnitots nursery and are highlighted in yellow. If you have any comment you would like to bring to our attention please ask for a 'Your Views Matter' form.

Comments from Patients, Relatives and Visitors

 "Thank you so much for the absolutely wonderful care and attention. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and constantly cheerful &  wonderful attitude to your patients! Thank you, thank you to all.You’ve made my treatment a joy instead of a tedious pain. I will miss you all greatly." (Patient comment received June 2015)

“During the three weeks of our visit we have been very impressed by the efficiency and kindness of all the staff, which made our visits for treatment so much easier." (Patient comment received June 2015)

"I have worked in the NHS for over 30 years in other trusts and this is the 1st time I have used it personally. I have found the whole experience exceptional.  I have gone through chemotherapy and radiotherapy and every member of the team have been fantastic, caring, professional and bent over backwards to be helpful at all times, without exception.  My consultant, although running late sometimes, was worth waiting all day to see, caring, professional and ready to answer any questions and explain everything fully which definitely helped throughout the process.  Thank you to the whole team.” (Patient comment received June 2015)

“I would like to thank all staff in Radiotherapy because of the care and attention you have given me over the course of my treatment. It is due to the kindness and dedication of you all that I have felt at ease throughout my treatment. I cannot praise the staff enough for working so tirelessly in what must be a challenging time in the NHS." (Patient comment received July 2015)

"I want to thank you for your kind, professional and personable manner during my treatments and those of my fellow patients.Your professional and good natured (and at times humorous) approach made what could have been a tense period quite relaxed for me." (Patient comment received Aug 2015)

"I have found all your staff very polite and helpful, How can I pick one person out, I cannot praise enough the team that are treating me for 37 days, Dale and his team. Only glad I live in Ipswich and am looked after at Heath Road Hospital." (Patient comment received Aug 2015)

"Fortunately for me in 80 years this has been my first real experience of hospital treatment and I cannot find fault with the departments I have visited – well done." (Patient comment received March 2016)

"Like the proverbial elephant, I shall never forget your kindness and your professional care. Thank you for making me well." Patient comment received March 2016)

"Please can you express my thanks to all the radiographers for the way I have been looked after, you have a wonderful team. Please don’t stop what you are doing, as you are getting it so right." (Patient comment received April 2016)

"Even with the circumstances for patients, the staff in radiotherapy capture a relaxed, friendly and yet professional atmosphere. I don’t know how you pick your team, but never break the mould" (Patient comment received May 2016)

"I have to say the treatment I've received at Ipswich Hospital has been fantastic throughout and I strongly believe it could not have been bettered anywhere. The four weeks of radiotherapy treatment I received on Woolverstone Wing to be honest wasn't the best of times but this was made so much easier by the wonderfully professional caring staff and support structure provided. I'd like to say a big big thanks to all those in radiotherapy department who always went above and beyond." (Comment on social media June 2016)

"Over the last few months I have been receiving treatment relating to a basal cell carcinoma. I have today finished my course of radiotherapy. When the course began I experienced panic attacks which led me to believe I could not continue with the programme. However, with the support of therapy, and initially lorazepam I completed the sessions. I should like to express my gratitude for the patience and helpfulness of the radiotherapy team and give special thanks to Dr Yip for his advice and support, and to Amanda Ford for her therapy sessions and CD’s both of which I found very helpful." (Patient comment received June 2016)

 "Yesterday I completed four weeks treatment for cancer at the Radiotherapy dept at Ipswich. I want you to know that the staff at the unit were without exception friendly and helpful while doing their exacting work." (Patient comment- Aug 2016)

"Please convey my thanks to all the staff from Dr Scrase, receptionists and in particular your radiotherapists. Everyone that I came in contact with were exceptional. I was amazed at the very high level of organisation from the way my water arrived on schedule to the professional activity re the actual treatment. I will never forget the experience.Thanks to you and everyone in the department" (Patient email Aug 2016)

"Wonderful treatment, super staff, really friendly, will miss seeing everybody. We are so lucky with this Hospital" (Patient email Aug 2016)

"Cancer is frustrating and very tough. I am writing to express my gratitude for the treatment I have received over the last four weeks. I sincerely thank you all for making me feel at home when I felt uncomfortable in a hospital environment. Me and my family had many fears and worries, we are truly grateful for the level of dedication and understanding when we needed to ask question. Thank you for the care and attention." (Patient letter September 2016)

"May I take this opportunity to thank you all so much for making me feel very comfortable in which could have been a very stressful time for my wife and myself. In one respect I will miss you all very much, also all the interesting people we have met who are in the same situation as myself. Thank you all" (Patient comment October 2016)

"Just a quick note to thank you all very much for looking after me so well during the last month. Highly efficient, extremely professional and always with a smile. It wasn’t exactly what I had in my diary for 2016 – but you all made the treatment as good as it could have been. Fingers crossed I won’t be seeing you again !!" (Patient comment Oct 2016)

"My sincere thanks for assisting me and my family through the journey so far! You are a remarkable team. Many skills, empathy, patience and encouragement – and just the right amount of humour!!!! The quiet courage I witnessed has been inspirational." (Patient comment Oct 2016)

"Just to say my experience of radiotherapy in your department has been great. I was absolutely dreading the thought of the mask, but you were all so very kind and thoughtful that my fears vanished" (Patient comment Oct 2016)

"Thank you for your care, kindness, patience and smiles every day. It has made my treatments a lot easier to bear. You are all wonderful people. Thank you for doing what you do and making my mum’s journey fighting cancer that much easier" (Patient comment Oct 2016)

"To every person who has contributed to my care and treatment, please know that Mark and I, and my family, are hugely grateful and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have always been kind, attentive and professional, with that touch of humour to help make this journey a little easier. We have been so impressed with your care, always treating me as a person, not another number on the list of patients or a statistic to meet a target. The NHS does not receive the true recognition for the amazing people each and every one of you are." (Patient comment Oct 2016)

"Just a small gift for you all in appreciation of your help and care over the past four weeks. Your professionalism, your genuine care and interest in each of your patients, together with your sense of humour has made what could have been a “depressing experience, quite enjoyable”! It is little wonder that your department is considered among the best in the country – how fortunate we are. Well done" (Patient comment Nov 2016)

"Absolutely wonderful care all the way through. All the staff were excellent" (Patient comment Feb 2017)

"I would like to thank Mr Crabtree, Dr Liz Sherwin, Radiotherapy and their Teams for the prompt and effective treatment of my anal tumour. Everyone has treated me with the utmost kindness and consideration. I am most grateful for the way you have kept me informed at every stage of my treatment, It is very reassuring as a patient to receive these reports.! (Patient email July 2017)