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Complementary Therapy and Counselling

At present, complementary therapy and counselling services are unavailable,
but it is hoped that they will be resume in the near future.

Being diagnosed with cancer can sometimes be
accompanied by confusion, a feeling of anxiety and the sense that life will never be the same again. There is often some degree of shock and coping with lengthy treatments can be exhausting. Complementary therapies and / or counselling can help at this time.

All our therapists are fully qualified and trained.

How complementary therapies help

  • By bringing about a state of relaxation and a feeling of calm.
  • By alleviating stress the body has more energy to concentrate on healing both physically and emotionally.
  • They can be comforting during times of adjustment and sometimes, with the aid of counselling, help you to express and understand how you are feeling. These are just some of the ways complementary therapies can help and our complementary therapies nurse specialist will be happy to have an informal chat with you and answer any queries.

These are the therapies we offer:

  • Massage and aromatherapy
  • Counselling
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Visualisation
  • Therapeutic Touch – a healing therapy

Counselling is a process which aims to help you talk about and explore issues which are troubling you. By talking through such issues with a trained counsellor people frequently find they have a greater sense of control over their lives and a deeper insight into how they are feeling and how to deal with these feelings.
Counselling is always confidential and usually involves booking a number of sessions, each for a set period of time. Although counselling is offered on its own, it is possible for it to include other therapies. Using a combination of counselling and complementary therapies can provide strategies for anxiety management.

If you would like more information, an informal chat or to make an appointment please contact 01473 704903 directly. You can also call via the hospital switchboard on 01473 712233 and ask for bleep 613 or telephone the Radiotherapy reception desk on 01473 704289 and leave a message.

Alternatively, ask your doctor, nurse or radiographer to refer you.

When your treatment is over
Although it may be a relief not to have to come to the hospital so frequently, it is not unusual for some people to feel alone and possibly find that they have some difficulty coping. Quite suddenly life is expected to carry on as before, but in reality you may feel that you are a different person. You may feel physically tired and weak. You may
feel emotionally drained.

If you are feeling this way it is possible that our counselling and complementary therapies service may help you at this time, as well as during treatment, and may help to restore a sense of wellbeing.