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Cancer Research Office

Research is an important part in the development of new and improved treatments. Clinical trials allow these treatments to be assessed in a rigorous scientific manner. The Cancer Research Office is involved in a large number of cancer studies covering a wide range of cancers and stages of disease. These studies may be run on a local, national or international level.

Many treatment modalities may be investigated such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, other drug therapy, physiotherapy and surgery. Sometimes combinations, timing and durations of these may be evaluated. The new treatment will be compared against the current standard treatment. Some studies look at other aspects of cancer such as genetic factors and quality of life.

To prevent doctor/patient bias, most studies are randomised. That is to say, neither the doctor nor patient chooses whether they get the new or standard treatment. This is decided at random, usually by a computer.

The staff in the Cancer Research Office are involved in the setting up and running of studies at the Ipswich Hospital. There may be many people involved in a patient’s treatment such as doctors, nurses, radiographers, physicists, pharmacists and pathologists. The research office staff liaise with others to ensure that treatment is given and data collected according to the study protocol.