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Inside the Dispensary at Ipswich Hospital
Dispensary (Patient Services and Clinical Trials)

In the dispensary we have an automated dispensing system. This acts as a dispensing and stock issuing service and is fully integrated with our stock control system.

There is a broad range of staff in the dispensary with a variety of roles which include a receptionist, assistants, technicians and pharmacists. All undertake different duties, from receipt of prescription, clinical checks, dispensing, checking and issue of prescriptions and over the counter sales. We also deal with enquiries from wards, patients, other hospitals, chemists and doctor’s surgeries.

As well as dispensing medication for patients for use while in hospital, we also dispense outpatient prescriptions for patients seen in clinic, discharge medication for those going home, and the dispensing of clinical trial prescriptions.

 We also supply outside hospitals and units with medication, including St Elizabeth Hospice, Aldeburgh Community Hospital, Bluebird Lodge Community Hospital, and Croydon Unit.

The Pharmacy is actively involved in a broad range of clinical trial work associated with medicines as part of research and development. There is a team of appropriately trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are involved with investigational medicines in relation to clinical trials.