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Learning the ropes: Occupational Therapy practice educators Emma Kearey (left) and Sheree Baker (right) assisting student Jamila Francis-Sladden with a hoist machine.

Occupational Therapy
What is occupational therapy?
An occupational therapist (OT) helps people to carry out activities they need or want to do but as a result of illness or disability they are unable to do.

An occupational therapist works with an individual to assess their needs and to find alternative ways of carrying out daily living activities to maximise their independence. These could include everyday necessities of daily living such as household chores, getting washed and dressed, as well as social activities, going to work or simply continuing with a favourite hobby.

At Ipswich Hospital, we focus on meeting people's urgent needs as a result of illness or injury. We work with the patient to plan how their needs can be met in order for them to be discharged from hospital safely and then have any ongoing needs met at home.