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Nick's Christmas message to all colleagues
22 December 2016

Nick Hulme2016 has been quite a year. At this time of reflection I look back on a year of many highs and some lows. The world feels like a different place. Brexit, events in America and our news channels filled with daily stories of horror from around the world, there seems to have been a shift towards people looking inward and being more concerned with “me” than “us”. The NHS and social care up and down the land are facing unprecedented challenges and I see the exhaustion in the eyes of many of you at the end of a very difficult year. The changes that we are proposing across the system will, I believe, eventually take some of the pressure of the hospital sector and allow us to treat people close to their own home. There have been changes in the executive team with Medical Director Barbara Buckley moving to a full-time role at Colchester, Neill Moloney taking on the Managing Director role here and myself trying to balance my time between Colchester and Ipswich. Our relationships with our commissioners and other partners have developed well this year and I feel that for the first time in many years we are truly working in partnership.

With all this change and lots of on-going challenges it would be easy to forget what is really important. We are very good in hospitals at asking “What’s the matter with you?”. I am increasingly challenging myself to ask “What matters to you?”. Nothing going on at a local and national level in the NHS matters to the 3,000 people every day who rely on us to take away their anxiety, to take away their pain, to support them through recovery or to support them and their families at the end of their lives. They rely on each and every one of you and your special and unique contribution to their journey. No matter what your role is in the hospital or in the community, you contribute to that journey, and the culture of care and compassion that exists at the core of the organisation is the glue which holds us all together.

So in a world which at times seems to have lost any sense of empathy and compassion, you make the difference. It’s those one-to-one interactions between each other as colleagues and between us and the people we serve that we should be so proud of.

I hope that many of you get at least some time off over this holiday period to spend with your families and loved ones.

I’d like to wish all of you, and the people you care about, a very Happy Christmas.

Nick Hulme
Chief Executive
The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust & Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 01473 702087

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