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Get arty and help future patients
11 January 2017

Get arty and help future patients!

Artistic youngsters with a flair for design are being invited to enter an innovative competition to create a ‘Selfie Board’ to encourage more children to take part in research at Ipswich Hospital.

The hospital’s children’s research team are asking anyone aged up to 16 to let their imaginations go wild and design an eye-catching banner poster which people can use as a background for selfies before sharing on social media.

The aim is to raise awareness that children and young people can, and do take part in a wide variety of research studies and help find better treatments and medicines in the future.

Jon Hassler-Hurst, lead children’s research nurse at the hospital, said: “We know how much young people enjoy taking selfies, so thought this would be the ideal way to spark their imaginations while normalising the fact that children can, and do, take part in research.

“We hope that we will receive some really exciting entries which catch the attention and draw people in. The winning designs will be printed on roller banners and displayed across the hospital so that children can take a selfie then ask their parents to tweet the photo using the @IpswichHosp handle. We have seen the power of this form of media in raising awareness of research in the wider public and want to use it here.”

“We hope the selfie boards will raise awareness of the importance of research and the wide variety of studies we run. This includes everything from drug trials to testing new devices or simply filling out questionnaires, all of which can make a big difference to future patients.”

Entry forms are available from the Boxford and Bergholt Wards, the children’s outpatients’ department, the Diabetes Centre, Raedwald day surgery, Dermatology and ENT. Alternatively you can download a form below.

Entries can be handed in, posted to the school room or scanned and emailed in (keeping the original).

The competition runs until Friday 31st March. Winners will be chosen in three age groups – reception and key stages 1 and 2. As well as seeing their design used across the hospital and on social media, they will also receive a prize.

For more information about the research taking place in Ipswich or to get involved, call 01473 704746.

>> Click here to view the information flyer about the competition.

>> Click here to download the entry form.