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Photo of the new SPECT CT camera and staff at Ipswich Hospital
State-of-the-art scanner takes two images at once
16 June 2017

More of our patients can now have their diagnosis confirmed during a single visit following a £958,000 project to install a state-of-the-art scanner which takes two types of image at once.

The SPECT-CT camera automatically fuses together a nuclear medicine scan and a CT (computed tomography) scan, giving clinicians a much clearer image to help diagnosis and treatment planning. Previously, patients who needed both scans would have had to visit the hospital twice.

The new camera runs alongside the hospital’s existing gamma camera, and replaces an older machine which was only able to take limited nuclear medicine images.

As part of the installation the Nuclear Medicine department has been given a facelift. The reception is now lighter and more open with better disabled access.

Jane Micheal, head of Radiography at the hospital, said: “This new, state-of-the-art scanner will make a big difference as it will give us more opportunities for one stop diagnosis. That means our patients will only need to come into hospital for one appointment rather than two.

“The machine will also be better for our doctors and nurses as it will not only provide them with higher quality pictures, but will also fuse together the nuclear medicine and CT images automatically, in turn saving time. The scans also allow us to plan the patient’s treatment more efficiently.

“The work which has taken place in the department has also made a big difference, and has made it a much lighter, brighter space for our staff to work in and for patients who are waiting for treatment.”