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Shining a spotlight on hand hygiene
22 May 2018

Visitors to our hospital have today (22 May) been reminded of the importance of washing their hands.

The hospital’s infection control team have been using a lightbox and UV hand cream to highlight the areas people have missed when washing their hands, which are often at the base of the thumb, between the fingers and on the palms.

Their aim is to remind people of the importance of using the right technique when washing their hands. The event comes shortly after world hand hygiene day, which took place on 5 May.

Michelle Biggins, deputy head of infection control, said: “People are often quite surprised when they look into the lightbox, which will highlight any areas they have missed and could mean that they are inadvertently spreading bacteria between patients or to other surfaces in the hospital.

“We hope that everyone who took part saw these activities as a fun way of reminding people about the importance of using the right techniques when washing their hands, as well as helping raise awareness among those visiting the hospital.”