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Ringing the bell on cancer treatment
15 June 2018

Young patients who have finished chemotherapy at Ipswich Hospital can now ring a special bell to celebrate the end of their cancer treatment and mark the start of the next chapter of their lives.

The bell was rung for the first time yesterday (14 June) by 13-year-old Denys Brazovskij (pictured with his mother, Rasa and staff from our hospital), from Ipswich, who has just completed three years of treatment for leukaemia. It was donated to the hospital by the End of Treatment Bells organisation, which places bells in hospitals across the country, and has been installed in the paediatric investigation unit.


Lyndsey Walker, lead paediatric oncology/haematology nurse specialist at the hospital, said: “Finishing chemotherapy is a huge moment in a child’s life and we wanted to find a way of marking it and making it special.

“Ringing the bell is a really positive experience for so many of our patients and families. It marks a milestone moment, represents hope and helps them to feel like they are winning the battle.

“Treatment for leukaemia can last for up to three years, so young children might not even remember what life was like before they started the chemotherapy. Ringing the bell is really symbolic – for many it means they no longer have to take medication every day and marks the start of the next chapter for them.

“We are really grateful to End of Treatment Bells for this donation, which will help our young cancer patients take the next step and move on with their lives.”

Watch Denys ring the bell here