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The next generation of healthcare professionals being given a first-hand insight.
Radiographers of the future visit our hospital
17 July 2017

The next generation of healthcare professionals have been given a first-hand insight into the different careers available in radiography during a visit to our hospital.

Twenty four year 10 and 12 students from Ipswich High School, many interested in studying medicine at university, visited the hospital to learn more about physics in the workplace.

During their visit Mandi Syrett, who specialises in diagnostic radiography, and Jemma Yarnton-Peacock, who works in radiotherapy, explained more about their roles and the differences between them.

The pupils then visited the department to look at x-ray tubes and CT scanners, while staff also opened the radiotherapy machine to show students the inner workings.

The group then learnt about how ionizing radiation is used to diagnose everything from chest infections to fractures and dental abscesses.

“The visit went really well and all of the pupils were really interested to find out more about our work,” said Mandi, who is a senior radiographer and practice educator for diagnostic radiography.

“We explained the difference between radiotherapy and diagnostics and the benefits they bring to patients. We also showed the students the different ways we use our scanners and were really pleased that they showed such interest and asked so many questions.

“We always enjoy the opportunity to get involved with our local community and are looking forward to arranging similar visits with other schools so that we can promote the NHS as a great place to work and help shape the next generation of radiographers.”