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Radiographer Jemma at the big match
31 July 2017

Jemma Yarnton-Peacock in the Radiotherapy Department at Ipswich HospitalNHS ambassador Jemma Yarnton-Peacock will lead out the two football teams when Ipswich Town take on Birmingham City on Saturday.

Jemma works at our hospital as a therapeutic radiographer in the Radiotherapy Department.

The 26-year-old helps save the lives of cancer patients – her and her team care for up to 80 patients each day. She says “I love my job”.

Radiotherapy is a treatment which uses high energy X-rays to treat cancers. It is not only used to cure the disease, but also as pain relief and to shrink tumours before surgery. Ipswich Hospital has one of the country's leading Radiotherapy departments.

When she isn't saving lives, Jemma is teaching others how to. She gives up her time to inspire school children to think about working for the NHS and becoming lifesavers too.  As an NHS ambassador, she recently showed 24 school children around the hospital department, explaining how physics lessons they learn in the classroom translates into the workplace and healthcare.

Jemma is also a clinical educator at the hospital, helping trainees through their formal training to become fully qualified healthcare professionals.

Jemma, who lives in Ipswich, is a big blues fan and her favourite player is Luke Chambers.

Click on this link to find out why hundreds of other hospital staff will be joining Jemma at the game. https://www.itfc.co.uk/news/2017/july/town-support-emergency-services/