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Patients getting smart about medicine
08 November 2017

Patients at Ipswich Hospital can now access the Medicines Advice Helpline for confidential information about their medication via their smart phones.

The medicines information centre in pharmacy has added a QR (Quick Response Code) to its existing medicine helpline, which allows users to get to grips with their doses and what different medication does.

Also, banners and posters advertising the helpline are being displayed in outpatients and the pharmacy waiting room. 

“We are hoping to increase the visibility and accessibility of the service to our patients and we have added a QR code so patients who like to access information via their smart phones can go straight to a secure platform,” said senior pharmacist, Sarah Cavanagh.

“It provides our patients with access to confidential, professional advice on any aspect of medicines use and safety. This can include their prescribed medicines or medicines they have purchased from a pharmacy.”

A Medicines Advice Helpline is also available at Colchester Hospital.

Sarah added: “It’s really important to patients. Patients may get confused as to how and when to take their tablets, whether it interacts with other medication, what the side effects might be and so on.”

“Then there is the packaging, which can be confusing.

“Things may change after they have left hospital, or maybe they have come to outpatients and their medication has been changed from what they get regularly from their GP.”

“We are a service for patients to help patients take their medicine safely.

“We can also signpost them to credible sources of information, such as NHS Choices.”