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Nursing uniforms made easy
04 May 2017

Our nursing colleagues have new uniforms which make it easier for patients and visitors to tell who is who.

The uniforms are colour-coded depending on seniority. They range from white, which indicates a student nurse, through various shades of blue to black, which are worn by the most senior nurses, such as matrons and clinical nurse leads.

They have been introduced as a result of feedback from staff and patients.

“The new uniforms are making it much easier for everyone using the hospital to define who is who,” said Sarah Seeley, transformation lead nurse. “Put simply, the darker the colour, the more senior the nurse.

“They have also increased consistency across the hospital by ensuring all nursing staff wear the same uniform rather than bespoke items, which have become more common over recent years. As a result, not only will our nursing staff look smarter but we will also save a minimum of £15,000 each year which can be reinvested into patient care.”

The uniforms have white piping for ward unit nurses, while nurse speclialists will have red piping to help identify them. Staff members’ roles will be shown on their name badges and lanyards.