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Nick’s coast to coast walk – Too close to the cows for comfort!
26 June 2018

Hello from Stanley.

We are apparently at the end of day seven!

The Man tells me that we are half way through our journey. I am not sure that we are in terms of distance travelled as we’ve done the hilly bits and it’s a bit flatter now.

So, what can I tell you about yesterday? Firstly, we stayed at a very nice pub called the Crown and Mitre on Friday night.


The Man left me in the room whilst he sat at a long wooden bar drinking that fizzy liquid again. What was really funny was hearing him talking to a local farmer as if he knew what he was talking about!

He likes to think he is a country boy now, but as I have pointed out to him, just buying two sets of wellingtons, having a tweed jacket and joining the parish council does not qualify him.

He does though seem to have perfected the art of sounding like he knows about a lot of stuff he clearly doesn’t understand.
This became very apparent about two hours into our walk yesterday. He was delighted to see several signs along the route and got embarrassingly excited every time he saw a Coast to Coast sign.

One sign took us through a field of cows with their young calves. Now anyone with knowledge of these things would have spotted the danger and found an alternative route. Not The Man!

He ploughed ahead and naturally the cows got very agitated, I suspect, partly because of me. Anyway, on he went regardless which spooked the cows even more. Then they began to chase us with his sister and niece, “helpfully” shouting, they’re right behind you and they’re catching you.

At one point he could feel their breath on his neck. I have never seen him throw himself over a fence so quickly - he was clearly shaken - I thought it was hilarious. Ha, country boy indeed!

He has been thinking about the kindness of strangers. As you know we are raising money for two causes very close to his and The Woman’s heart.

The total currently stands at over £9,000. That’s amazing and shows extraordinary generosity from so many. Along the walk we have also been very moved by how generous strangers have been when they have heard the story of the walk.

At a shop in Keswick, not only did they try to fix his GPS for over two hours (I’ll tell you about that later), they also then donated to the walk.

In Grasmere, the owner of the B&B where we were staying refused to accept payment for breakfast and asked for the amount to be paid to the charities.

The lovely couple who run the Crown and Mitre also donated to the justgiving page when they heard the story. It is so easy to become cynical about life but when we are touched by such kindness, it is difficult not to feel incredibly moved.

Yesterday we were joined by the lovely Dame Clare Marx and her husband Andrew.

I like Andrew because he lets me jump up to him and even encourages me!

They are with us for four days walking and it’s good to have some company. Walking on our own is good too but being supported by people who knew The Woman and people who love and care about us is just great.

The weather has been lovely. Personally I’m not too worried but it seems to make everyone happy when the sun shines. He keeps looking at his phone and telling me it’s going to be fine weather, in fact he says it so much I’m bored now.

So I suspect he’ll be off to one of those places that sells the brown fizzy stuff with his friends. He has to take me along as well as I’m not allowed to stay in the room on my own!

What does he think I’m going to get up to? (Actually, sometimes when he’s not around I lie on the bed - shhhhh!)
Take care

Stanley (and The Man)

To donate to Stanley and The Man’s Justgiving page, click here