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Nick's coast to coast walk - Stanley's blog
21 June 2018

I thought I knew what the expression “dog tired” meant until I started on this Coast to Coast jaunt. I know it’s for a good cause and all that and The Man promised a very special person (The Woman) that he would do it, but did he really think about how far it is and how many hills there are in the Lake District? Anyway, he has asked me to keep you all updated on progress.

We arrived in St Bees in Cumbria on Sunday evening and had a quiet evening. On Monday morning we went down to the sea where The Man got his boots wet and picked up two pebbles, one for him and one for The Woman, which he will throw into the sea when we get to the other side of the country.

I think it was quite emotional for him which I guess was to be expected. Then we set off up onto the cliffs and then came inland, saying goodbye to the sea for 191 miles.

There were some signs along the way but not many, so the map was referred to often. After a few hours, including a walk that seemed to go uphill for a very long way, we arrived at Ennerdale Bridge. We spent the night in a local hotel where The Man sat at a bar with a glass of light brown fizzy liquid, talking to himself about how he had “earned this” and how he’ll “walk off the calories” tomorrow.

I got this impression this would be a regular feature of our evenings together. I get a bowl of dried food and a bowl of water!!

The next day we set off around Ennerdale Water, a beautiful lake, where the picture is taken. The weather was OK with cloud and a slight wind. We then walked towards Rosthwaite when the weather turned horrible.

This made The Man miserable and I decided not to remind him that there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes. Much referring to maps and some words I normally hear when he is driving, we got to Rosthwaite, late and the kitchen had closed. Apparently you “can’t expect me to walk when I have only eaten sandwiches!”

Hey ho! He still managed to find another glass of light brown fizzy liquid.

I better go now as we’re going out for dinner in Grassmere. Tomorrow is the shortest distance we will be walking (eight miles) but apparently, it’s “very lumpy”

Thank you for all your support, we have raised nearly £8,000 for two really special causes.

Stanley and The Man