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Nick's coast to coast walk - Overwhelmed by generosity
27 June 2018

Day 10 blog

Hello from Stanley and The Man.

Sadly today is going to be my last day walking. The Man has decided that it’s just too hot for me, and I have to say, although I would have loved to have walked with him the whole way, I think he is probably right.

I had a day off yesterday and the lovely Clare looked after me, but I still feel very tired. It’s not easy walking miles in temperatures of over 20 degrees in a black fur coat you know! He lets me go in the streams but with days of 23, 18 and 19 miles coming up, it’s probably best I go home. 

So, as I said, I had a rest day yesterday and The Man walked from Keld to Reeth with Andrew. It was a lovely walk mainly along the River Swale in the lovely Swaledale Valley.

His feet are now really starting to ache quite a bit but he is determined to keep going. He gets very excited when he looks at the Justgiving page.

Apparently we have raised over £10k which I’m told is a lot of money. He wanted to say a bit more about where the money is going:

The money will be split equally between the Breast Unit at the Hospital and St Elizabeth Hospice. Ipswich Hospital is raising money to build a new unit to care for people with breast cancer. As you know The Woman died from breast cancer so it is an issue close to our hearts.


When The Woman was ill she noticed that it was sometimes difficult to find a space in the clinical area to have some quiet time, either on her own or with family.

Clinical areas are busy and can be noisy and sometimes you just need some quiet space. The money that we raise will go towards creating a room where people can get away and just take some time either for them or for them and their loved ones. A non-clinical room with the appropriate furnishings. 

The Woman had fantastic care from so many people at the hospice and the hospice at home team enabled her to die where she wanted, at home.

Most people would choose to die at home but the services are not always available. The hospice has both nurses and care staff who work in people’s homes to make this possible.

I am going to write more about home deaths later this week because it’s important but we need to be able to give choice to people at the end of their lives and the NHS and voluntary sector working together can make this happen for more people.

Thank you to all the people who have given to the charities. We set a target of £1,000 a day (£14k) and we’ve already reached over £10,000 due to the generosity of so many.

I really hope we reach the target because that will make The Man happy - we all know that a happy man is so much better than a grumpy one!

It’s my last day and I’m going to walk half way to Richmond where I think we’re meeting a TV crew! I hope The Man will continue to blog in my absence even though it won’t be as good!

Bye for now

Stanley (and The Man)


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