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Suzie Robinson-Southey
New nurse to focus on urgent care
12 October 2017

We've appointed our first consultant nurse for urgent and emergency care.

An experienced nurse, Suzie Robinson-Southey will focus on helping colleagues develop advanced clinical and decision-making skills, along with introducing innovative new ways of delivering care.

Mrs Robinson-Southey will also work with colleagues across the wider health system, including GPs, out of hours clinicians, ambulance services and NHS 111, to develop alternatives for patients to the Emergency Department (ED) and ensure patients are directed to the right professional to meet their needs first time.

In addition, she will continue to spend time caring directly for patients and supporting colleagues in the ED and hospital’s emergency assessment areas.

“My initial focus is on working closely with urgent care providers, the out of hours service and NHS 111 to make sure the first professional who sees the patient has the right skills to direct them to the most appropriate service to meet their needs,” said Mrs Robinson-Southey, who joined the trust from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. “By doing so, we can make sure only the patients in the greatest clinical need go to the ED.

“Another key part of my role involves supporting the development of nursing and allied health professional colleagues in advance practice roles. This will help us rise to the workforce challenges facing the NHS while ensuring our patients continue to receive the best possible care.”

Mrs Robinson-Southey travelled to Canada during September as part of a scholarship awarded through the Florence Nightingale Trust. During the trip, she learnt more about trauma care provided to frail, older patients with the aim of bringing best practice back to Ipswich to benefit patients closer to home.