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Midwife's second set of twins
07 February 2017

Carly Welham and familyA midwife who has helped to deliver almost a hundred babies at our hospital has also welcomed the patter of tiny feet at home after giving birth to her second set of twins.

Carly Welham and her husband James celebrated the arrival of Jude and Florence on 24 November – 11 years after Carly delivered her first twins Declan and Harrison with her ex-husband.

The new additions join 15-year-old Keaton, Cerys (7), and two-year-old Harriet, taking Carly’s total brood to seven.

“There is no history of twins in my family so I was surprised when I found out I was having the first two and even more surprised about the second pair,” said Carly, who is 35 and lives in Ipswich. “People would joke that I’d have twins again but I never thought it would happen, so I was in shock when we had a scan and they told me it was a ‘buy one, get one free!’

“We have to be very organised and regimental at home, especially as both my husband and I work full time. It can be hard at times but it works for us, and the babies are very laid back and sleep brilliantly.

“But that’s it for me now. I will enjoy everybody else’s babies at work but won’t have any more myself and will take some time enjoying my children and watching them grow.”

Carly joined Ipswich as a maternity care assistant in 2006, and has worked in various roles before completing a degree course and qualifying as a midwife last February.

“I love my job and the people I work with – they are a fantastic team,” she added. “I had all of my babies at Ipswich and really feel like I’ve been through a journey at the hospital as I’ve grown, got my degree and finished having my family while working there.

“I’m taking a full year of maternity leave but am already looking forward to going back. I think I’ll need to by then for my own sanity – it will be nice to get away from just baby talk and speak to some adults again!”