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Find out if you are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
06 November 2017

Photo of Chris Kerry, Diabetes Nurse SpecialistStaff, patients and visitors can discover if they are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, at Ipswich Hospital, on World Diabetes Day (November 14, 9am-1pm).

Members of the hospital’s dedicated diabetes team will be present near Debenham Ward to assess individuals and calculate their percentage chance of developing the disease, informing people’s GPs when necessary.

The team, who will also be able to give free nutritional and lifestyle advice, can work out a person’s chances of developing Type 2 diabetes by studying a number of criteria, including age, sex, ethnic background, waist circumference,  Body Mass Index (BMI) and family history.

Currently, around 700 people a day are diagnosed with diabetes. That’s the equivalent of one person every two minutes and there is an estimated 4.5 million people living with diabetes in the UK currently.

Since 1996, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK has more than doubled from 1.4 million to almost 3.5 million. It is estimated that there are also around 1.1 million people in the UK who have diabetes but have not been diagnosed.

In east Suffolk there is approximately 19,000 people currently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. “Type 2 diabetes is different to Type 1 diabetes insofar as there are no real symptoms, so people living with Type 2 can have poor control for a long time before anything is discovered,” said Diabetes Nurse Specialist, Chris Kerry (pictured). “They may be going to the toilet more in the night and will blame it on that extra cup of tea or glass of squash before bed, or be having hot sweats, but it could be a sign of Type 2 diabetes.

“Good diabetes control at an early stage is vital and significantly reduces the risk of Type 2 patients developing complications in the long-term.

“We will also advise people of the process they need to follow if they are seen to be at risk.”