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Monday, 20 November 2017
Patients taking part in the new stroke exercise group
Extra help for patients recovering from stroke
08 November 2016

Patients recovering from a stroke are now receiving even more specialist help to rehabilitate following the introduction of a new exercise group at our hospital.

The upper limb physiotherapy group has been set up to help patients on the Shotley Ward to improve their practical skills and regain movement in their arms and hands following a stroke.

It sees colleagues from the stroke therapy team offer tailored support to groups of patients using techniques to improve their dexterity and help retrain their brain. By working as a group, the initiative is allowing staff to spend more time on therapy work while also building camaraderie and mutual support among patients.

Louise Dunthorne, physiotherapy clinical specialist with the stroke team, said: “Evidence shows that increasing the amount of therapy time which patients receive can give them a better outcome following a stroke. We have introduced this new group to maximise the amount of work we can do with these patients, in turn helping them to improve more quickly and regain some of the skills which may have been affected by their stroke.

“Feedback so far has been excellent. Patients really love the additional therapy time and opportunity to practice their skills, and also enjoy the peer support which they are able to offer to each other.”