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Expectant mums guarding against flu
09 October 2017

Victoria Rothwell highlighting the Expectant Mums and Flu Jabs campaign


It was a successful first week for maternity staff at Ipswich Hospital, who saw a huge uptake of pregnant women having their flu jabs.

More than 80 expectant mums had their jab – a big increase on the whole of last October when 85 agreed to have it.

“Pregnant women who don’t have the flu jab are 18 times more likely than non-pregnant women who don’t have it, to be hospitalised through complications such as pneumonia and bronchitis and this, in turn, can put pressure on the hospital over the winter months,” said lead midwife on the antenatal clinic, Victoria Rothwell (pictured).

“There are no active ingredients in the jab but its anti-bodies that prevent a person from getting flu take a few weeks to kick in, so the earlier the vaccination the better.

“Having the flu jab also stops new mums from passing the virus on to their baby after it is born.”

Expectant mums can contact their midwife or GP to request a flu jab or visit the Antenatal clinic/Antenatal Day Clinic, which is open Monday-Friday (8am-8pm) if they do not already have an appointment.

Staff can email SOH@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk to request a visit to their team or inform them that they have had their jab at their GP surgery/pharmacy.