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Monday, 20 November 2017
Ipswich Hospital's independent prescribing course students
Colleagues celebrate prescribing success
28 October 2016

Five non-medical colleagues from our hospital are now able to prescribe medication to their patients after successfully completing a specialist course at the University of Suffolk.

Pharmacists Holly Gissing and Enid Nyaumah, cardiac nurse specialist Kate Pilgrim and Macmillan urology support nurse specialist Peter Lobley all passed the non-medical independent prescribing course during the summer. At the same time, clinical specialist respiratory physiotherapist Taryn Walker became the first physio from our trust to complete the course, as well as the first to do so at the university.

The qualification means the group are now able to prescribe medication within their own specialty, in turn freeing up doctors’ time and helping make sure patients receive the most optimal treatment as quickly as possible.

The group’s success brings the number of non-medical prescribers at the hospital to more than 60.

To achieve it, they completed nine months of intensive study, including weekly training at the university, clinical supervision and written and practical exams, all while still fulfilling their day jobs.

“We are all very proud of our achievement, as the course was very intensive and a lot of hard work,” said Taryn. “I’m really proud to be the first physio to complete the course, and to fly the flag for the profession!

“We all felt an enormous sense of pride after completing the course – it’s very exciting that we will be able to write prescriptions, but we also recognised that it is a huge responsibility.

“The qualification will bring a lot of benefits on the wards. We will no longer need to take drug charts to a doctor if we think medication should be changed, which will save time and move the patients forward more quickly. It will also be really helpful out of hours and at weekends.

“I think a lot of people don’t realise that nurses, pharmacists and physios can achieve this qualification, so hope that we can also raise awareness of what is possible.”