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Sunday, 19 November 2017
Award for diabetes care
12 July 2016

A project which has successfully improved Type 2 diabetes care has been awarded national recognition.

Our hospital’s diabetes clinicians were part of an east Suffolk team which scooped the Innovation in Diabetes Care award at the recent Healthcare Transformation Awards, hosted by NHS Clinical Commissioners.

The award recognises the positive impact of collaboration between the Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group, our hospital, the Ipswich Hospital Diabetes Users Group, Diabetes UK and local GPs in developing a model of diabetes care that brings benefits to local people living with the condition.

Dr John Flather, a local GP, said: “This improvement includes the introduction of a specialist community diabetes team which works alongside practice nurses and GPs to support patients who are finding it difficult to control their condition. Through this team, patients are also able to access outreach clinics, education and advice and one-to-one support which gives them the help they need.

“It’s certainly pleasing to have won this award. Patients are telling us how much better care now is and national data shows that the east Suffolk area is performing much better than other parts of the country. This award highlights just how important it is for health organisations to work together for the benefit of patients.”

Dr Gerry Rayman, diabetes consultant at our hospital’s Diabetes Centre, said: “We are really pleased that this innovative partnership project has received national recognition for the positive difference it is making to diabetes care in east Suffolk.

“Congratulations go to those working hard to deliver the service – the general practitioners and their practice nurses, specialist doctors and nurses at the Diabetes Centre and their community specialist nurses – and, most importantly, the patients.

“Diabetes can be serious, but the right education and support can help people to successfully manage the condition while reducing their chances of developing further complications and needing hospital care.

“This new model of care is making sure people get that help from specialist teams working within the community, in turn enabling them to look after their own health more effectively and keep their diabetes under control.”