Welcome to Ipswich Hospital
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Visiting the Maternity Wards

Welcome to Ipswich Hospital.

The maternity wards and Neonatal Unit are accessed via an intercom / CCTV system; visitors may have to wait at busy times to gain entry to the wards. Please let us know as soon as possible if there is anyone you would rather did not visit you whilst you are in hospital and we will be able to decline them access to the ward.

To protect your confidentiality we are unable to give any information about patients over the ward telephone. Please ask your relatives to contact you directly.

It is very important that we reduce the risk of infection to all mothers and babies so we ask everyone to use the alcohol hand gel provided before entering any wards or clinics. Hands should be washed thoroughly before and after contact with babies, which must be kept to a minimum by your visitors. We also ask that all visitors, including partners, refrain from sitting or lying on beds.

Women in labour can have up to two birth companions. If the baby is to be born in an operating theatre, there can be only one accompanying person.

Visiting times for family and friends on Orwell Ward and the Brook Birth Centre are between 3 pm and 7 pm only. If visitors arrive outside of these hours it will not be possible for them to enter the ward.
Your partner or one other named visitor may stay with you from 9 am to 9 pm.

Partners staying overnight
Midwives at Ipswich Hospital have responded to requests for partners to be able to stay overnight with mum and baby if required. Please speak to your midwife who will explain how the service works and ask you to sign an agreement.

Children visiting
We understand that new brothers and sisters are very excited to meet the new baby! However we request that no children other than your own visit the maternity unit, in order to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Meals and refreshments
Food and drink cannot be provided for visitors, but refreshments can be purchased from the hospital’s Courtyard restaurant or the shops in Outpatients reception.

Please refrain from smoking on any hospital grounds as Ipswich Hospital is a ‘no smoking’ hospital site.

Car parking
There are pay-and-display car parks for visitors all around the hospital site. The nearest ones to the Maternity unit are ‘F’ and ‘G’. Regular visitors can apply for a weekly ticket to reduce parking costs. An application form is available from the staff on the ward.

Security cameras are present throughout the Ipswich Hospital site. However, if you see anything suspicious, please report it to a member of staff. The reason the doors are locked to the wards is to keep you and your baby as safe as possible, so please do not let anyone else into the ward when you and your visitors come in.
Aggressive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated from patients or visitors and hospital security may be called to assist if required.

Mobile telephones
We ask you to respect other people around you by keeping your mobile phone on silent and using these discreetly within the ward areas as they can disrupt the calm, quiet atmosphere we are trying to achieve for mothers and babies and can interfere with the privacy and dignity of other women. Mobile phones and other electrical items cannot be charged or plugged in on hospital premises.