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Specialist Obstetric Clinics

Some women with medical problems may need to be seen by both a consultant obstetrician and a specialist doctor, such as an anaesthetist or haematologist.

Antenatal Diabetes Clinic

The antenatal diabetes team consists of a consultant diabetologist, consultant obstetricians, diabetes specialist midwives, a specialist diabetes nurse and a dietitian.

We have a weekly joint antenatal clinic where women with pre-existing diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) and those who develop gestational (pregnancy related) diabetes are seen by all members of the team. This is held every Tuesday morning.

We also offer a preconceptual (advice before pregnancy) service which is the first Friday of every month and is held in the Diabetes Centre.

The diabetes specialist midwife can be contacted by telephone on 01473 712233 and asking for bleep 162, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

We advise that if you are a diabetic and are planning a pregnancy, to speak to your GP first, or contact the specialist nurses at the Diabetes Centre at Ipswich Hospital. You should contact your GP or call the midwife answerphone service as soon as you find out you are pregnant. The number is 01473 703666.

It is recommended that you start a high dose folic acid supplement prior to becoming pregnant, and during your pregnancy. You can see your GP who can prescribe this for you and give you further advice on plans for your pregnancy.

Finn Physiotherapy Clinic Service

The FINN clinic has a dedicated team of experienced physiotherapists with postgraduate training in assessing and treating conditions related to pregnancy and delivery.

If you are pregnant, or have given birth in the past six weeks, you can self-refer to the service. Please call 01473 703522.
We can help with:

  • back and pelvic pain;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • leakage of urine from the bladder;
  • vaginal prolapse;
  • leakage of faeces from the bowel;
  • TENS instruction for labour;
  • postnatal pain on sexual intercourse;
  • painful postnatal haemorrhoids; and
  • treatment for vaginal stitches following delivery.

Fiona Lennard
Superintendant Physiotherapist

Join our free mum and baby postnatal exercise class after you have had your postnatal check. Please ring to find out how to book.

Back and Pelvic Pain

  • 69% of women require only 1 appointment; and
  • 27% of women reported 100% improvement following treatment with 81% reporting a 60% or greater improvement.

Ipswich Hospital also offers a clinic for pregnant women with pre-existing medical conditions, and a clinic for women requiring additional mental health support.

Some of our patients' comments:

“Excellent service that needs to be advertised more as I strongly believe more people could benefit from the treatment available for pelvic and back pain in pregnancy”

“My pain was immediately reduced after receiving treatment. The staff were kind and friendly and gave good explanations.”