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Images of 3D baby scans

Blue wavy linesEarly pregnancy scan    £125
This can be done between 7 – 14 weeks and can provide reassurance in the very early stages of your pregnancy.

Reassurance scan     £125
This can be done at any time and is an opportunity for scans in addition to those routinely undertaken, but it is best if baby is 24 weeks or more. We will plot the information on your customised growth chart. We also check baby's wellbeing by assessing the fluid surrounding him or her, and we can check the blood flow in the umbilical cord after 24 weeks.

4D scan (26 – 32 weeks)    £150
This can be performed between 26 – 32 weeks, but ideally at 28 weeks. This scan involves a look at your baby in static 3D and moving 4D images. It will also include growth assessment. This scan will not involve a detailed medical diagnostic or screening service of pregnancy but is more of a reassurance and bonding scan. In twin pregnancy satisfactory images are difficult to obtain due to overcrowding.

Additional ‘Precious Memory’ USB memory stick    £10

Replacement images     £60