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Antenatal Day Unit

There is an Antenatal Day Unit situated within the Antenatal Clinic. This service is provided for women who are 20 weeks pregnant or more. The Antenatal Day Unit provides the opportunity for investigations and observations of mother and baby’s wellbeing following a referral from your GP or community midwife.

You are seen by a midwife in the Antenatal Day Unit and, after your assessment, you will be reviewed by the doctor in the clinic. Please bring your hand-held maternity record and a urine sample each time you attend the unit. You may need to wait for the  results of any investigations carried out on the day so the doctor can review all the information before making a further plan of care.

The reasons you may be referred can include:

Monitoring of baby’s wellbeing:

  • reduced movements of baby by Cardiotocograph - CTG;
  • twin CTG monitoring;
  • presentation scans over 35 weeks of pregnancy; or
  • uncomplicated pre-labour rupture of membranes after 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Monitoring of maternal wellbeing:

  • Dinamap profile for raised blood pressure;
  • antenatal checks;
  • blood tests  in pregnancy;
  • glucose tolerance tests
  • investigation of itching / management of confirmed obstetric cholestasis;
  • pre-elective Caesarean section preparation; or
  • provision of information for women undergoing elective Caesarean section.

Contact number: 01473 703659  

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.