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Trouble with your hearing aid?

Below are a number of common problems with hearing aids and their solutions:

Hearing aid is not working at all.
  • Flat battery
  • Battery in the wrong way
  • Tubing blocked with wax
  • Internal fault
  • Hearing aid is on the loop setting
  • Replace battery
  • Reverse battery
  • Clean or have tubing replaced
  • Replace aid
  • Change to normal listening setting

Hearing aid whistles when worn.
  • Wax in ear
  • Mould not in ear
  • Poor fitting mould
  • See GP for wax removal
  • Refit mould
  • Request impression appointment

Hearing aid is too quiet.
  • Tube partially blocked with wax
  • Wax blocking ear
  • Battery nearly flat
  • Hearing aid volume needs increasing
  • Clean tube
  • Speak to your GP
  • Replace battery
  • Request re-tune appointment

Hearing aid works intermittently.
  • Moisture in tube
  • Blocked with wax
  • Internal fault
  • Clean tube – if problem persists, get tube replaced with stay dry
  • Replace tube Replace aid

Hearing aid is sore when worn.
  • Mould or tube is uncomfortable in ear
  • Mould not fitted in ear correctly
  • Request repair appointment
  • Refit mould – if problem persists, request repair appointment
Hearing aid does not work well in noisy situations. Digital hearing aids are set to reduce background noise and amplify speech; however they will not be able to do this perfectly. Often, hearing aids users will still have some difficulties in noisy situations even with hearing aids and this is completely normal.
Hearing aid is no longer loud enough. If this is the case, try all the solutions in ‘Hearing aid is too quiet' and, if needed, ring 01473 703117 for advice.