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Hearing loss

A hearing loss can be split into three main types:


Where the hair cells that pick up every day sounds are damaged. This causes a loss of loudness and a loss of distinction between different notes. The main cause of this damage in the natural aging process but the hair cells can also be damaged by loud noises and certain drugs.


This results from a blockage in the outer or middle ear stopping the sound from getting through to the hair cells in the inner ear.


A mixture of sensorineural and conductive.

Signs you might have a hearing loss

Do you:

  • find people mumble rather than speak clearly?
  • need repetition before you understand what people say?
  • struggle in background noise?
  • find it hard to keep up with conversations in groups of people?
  • find listening for long periods tiring?
  • need the television volume up higher than others?
  • struggle on the telephone?

If you feel you have a problem with your hearing you can make an appointment with your GP who may refer you for further testing with the local audiology service.

Please ensure your ears are clear of wax before coming to your appointment.