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Welcome to the Hearing Services department

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Services offered at the Hearing Services department

  • Adult hearing services including first assessment, hearing aid fitting, repair and retune appointments.
  • Bone anchored hearing aid clinics
  • Balance investigations
  • Specialist assessment clinics including auditory brainstem response testing for paediatric hearing testing and investigation of the brain’s response to sounds
  • Custom noise protection plugs and swim plugs
  • Children’s hearing services including assessment, fitting and repairs
  • Hearing therapy

Staff at the Hearing Services department

Head of Service: Grahame Hunt
Senior audiologists: Barry Kearney, Anna Elliston, Rebecca Farrell, Leah Solis
Audiologists: Helen Reavell, Sarah English, Harriet Withey, Eleanor Addison
Assistant audiologist: Julie Beaumont
Hearing therapist: Gillian Carron

We are a training department and so you may be seen by a student audiologist or have someone observing your appointment.